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Think Big. Expect Better.
Stacey is a 50 year old woman who raised her two beautiful daughters, Emerald and Elizabeth, on her own.  She is extremely proud of them and their accomplishments.  Stacey is a senior litigation law clerk and has almost 30 years of experience in the legal field.  Stacey came to Durham Region in 1989 on the advice of her eldest daughter’s Respirologist – the air “was” cleaner here.

Stacey has, over the years, worked with agencies concerned with the status of women and the elimination of poverty.  For three years, Stacey sat on the Board of Directors for The Denise House/Sedna Women’s Shelter in Oshawa, where she chaired the Board Development and Board-Staff relations committees.  Currently, Stacey sits on the Board of Directors for the Distress Centre Durham and is chair of the Fund Development Committee.  Stacey also volunteers with the AIDS Committee of Durham, PFLAG (as an ally) and at her church – St. John the Evangelist.  She has also been involved with food banks and other such organizations over the years on a volunteer basis. She has a real affinity for seniors and is very concerned about their health and welfare.  Stacey assists seniors regularly and works to improve their lifestyles on an individual basis.

Stacey has been involved in politics since the mid-80’s, working on campaigns and advocating for social justice.  When the Harper Government prorogued Parliament in  2009, Stacey helped organize the Canadians Against the Proroguing of Parliament rallies in Whitby and Oshawa.

Its Stacey’s view that sustainability is the key to Whitby-Oshawa, and Ontario’s, future.  “We have to work towards sustainable economies and communities”, says Stacey, “it is the only way to move forward.  Like
spokes on a wheel, we must all work together to find the best solutions for our people, our community, our economy and our environment .  If any of the spokes break, the integrity of whole is compromised.” The safety of our food and water are also paramount for Ms. Leadbetter.

Politics as usual isn’t working. Things need to change. A vote for the other parties will only result in more of the same. If you think fairness integrity and respect for our communities belongs at Queens Park, then you think just like we do. It’s time for change, it’s time for Green.

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